My name is Glenford and I have been looking round the internet to find a way of making a side income online. I have been through many different options within the google search engine and tried to evaluate which companies would give me the best option to make money.


I wanted to know how people could get ranked higher in Google for their websites, which words you could use to get on the top google and yahoo pages.  Was it even possible to get on the first page of Google with certain words?


To be honest most of the various “make money online now” adverts were so misleading, many of them were asking for an upfront payment, lots of reviews of people standing outside expensive cars saying it can be done. Most of these I quietly discarded and kept delving into sites where it there seemed to be real value.

One of the sites I came across was Wealthy Affiliate, they seemed to have a lot of reviews and people generally were pleased with the company. There didn’t seem to be any major shouting or ranting about wealth and six figure sums, so in my scepticism I tried a few of the review contacts to see if this was legitimate.

The general picture for this company seemed to be a way of setting up your business through a niche that you yourself pick, then pushing that niche out into the worldwide web. From this traffic can be seen, various adverts can be used to generate income and the more hard work that you put in with content and marketing, the more the traffic and income increases.

It seemed a little too easy, so whilst chatting to various people who were doing this, one of the main things that persuaded me was the word set up for FREE! Yes that word “FREE”, was not in the majority of the “Get rich quick” schemes I had already dismissed. My friend in Wealthy Affiliate suggested I trial it for a while and see how I go, if I don’t like it then no loss on my part.

So I signed up for the FREE account here – and started to build my website. I had a small limited amount of self-taught training in how to build a website from previous experience but using the amazing programme “SITE RUBIX“, that is within the membership really helped.

Build a Free Website Here

Every Business Starts with a Beautiful Website – Do it for Free!

The general sense of gradually building something for the future is one of the main things that attract people to Wealthy Affiliate, that and the superb help that is given from the community (all other people like you trying to gain some side income) and the training. Note the training is really something special, with the main creators of Wealthy Affiliate helping you out along with a certification course designed to get you from A to B swiftly during the start of your journey.

Lots of people in the community are online to help you with any questions, or when you get stuck which I have on more than one occasion. Everyone is friendly and you have this great backing of people who have been with this company for years cheering you on to do well. The main creators have set this as a priority in Wealthy Affiliate, the community helping the newest member and also pushing everyone on to their goal. Success breeds success, you have the opportunity to blog about things you have learned as well as major insights in your own world of online income generation.

I have only been with Wealthy Affiliate for 6 weeks and have already finished the training, have a website up and running on Google, enrolled with Amazon as an associate (to sell their products and gain income for me), started another 2 websites read to go live and I have various social media accounts all marketing my site for me.

I never set out to be a billionaire or even a millionaire, the idea was to start to find a hobby in a way, which alongside I could generate some side income with the potential to upscale this hobby and increase income.

So far so good, small amounts of income generated with the adverts, traffic is increasing weekly and I’m now onto my other websites. My aim is to have 3 sites up and running by month 4 of joining.

If this is something that like me you would like to do, then go for it and join here. I recommend trying the site for FREE and seeing if this is something for your future.


If you want to know my journey – have a look below:

Before Wealthy Affiliate

Thoughts before joining Wealthy Affiliate:

I need some more side income

I’d like to run my own business

Is there anything out there that is legit?

Go on then, Let’s do this, Let’s sign up to WA, the reviews look good and there isn’t any negative stuff out there.

Oh wait a negative review, oh no, its just people who thought it was going to be an easy get-rich-quick scheme.

Oh No! Training

Thoughts during training,

Wow this is what I was born for, its right what I wanted. Its hard work but let’s keep going as there will be a real sense of achievement later….

Anyone else feels the same as me?

You signed up to WA, you start learning bits each day, your website is set up, your going through the lessons as best you can, you are putting in the hours and then…….

Then, you just spiral into checking EVERYTHING!!!!

Are my posts okay, are my links working correctly, have I got too many plugins, is there any money coming in, where am I on google, am I indexed, am I signed up for Google adsense, where is Facebook, is twitter active, have I signed up for google +, what shall I post, is the content any good.

The list goes on and on and then you think am I addicted to this stuff? I wake up in the morning and first thing I do is check the WA site, have I increased my rank, check, how’s my site looking, check.

What you saying?

It may seem like I’m moaning or being a little over the top about being part of the WA community and you would be wrong. Workaholic, sort of, addicted, maybe, but in reality it’s because I want to make this thing a success, what’s the point of doing something halfhearted and then moaning after that it didn’t work.

I believe, put your all into something, then you can never say you didn’t try your best. Isn’t that what we all want, to look in the mirror at the end of each day and say I gave that my best shot.

Even with all the checks and hard work, for me this is fun, not a job but a great experience of pursuing something that eventually will become a great side income,

Addicted – Yes you’ve got it, to being the best I can be…..

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